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Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria

About the administration

The Council of Ministers is the main authority of the executive power in the Republic of Bulgaria. It consists of the Prime Minister of Bulgaria and all the specialized ministers.

Duties and responsibilities

The Council of Ministers shall direct and conduct State's domestic and foreign policy in accordance with the Constitution and the laws.


Manages the execution of the state budget and organize the management of state property, ensuring public order and national security and shall exercise overall guidance over the state administration, defense and Armed Forces.


Determined it has adopted strategies and programs the state structural and investment policy, state policy: in the field of international cooperation; to curb crime and combating corruption; health, education, culture and environmental protection; reduction of unemployment and promotion of employment; Development of the administration and government policy in other fields or areas of social life contributing to the overall development of the country.


Manages and implements the policy of the Republic of Bulgaria to the European Union (EU) and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).





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